Gally by Dov Sherman

Download gally2.lzh [60k]

This KiSS doll frame is tatooed with logos and instructions which describe the ethos of the KiSS community. KiSS players are instructed to distribute the doll freely and the doll is labeled as part of the "World KiSS Project", the combined efforts of many artists worldwide in developing and sharing KiSS dolls. The fiesty cyborg musician character "Gally" is apparently a coypright of Kukito Kishiro/Sueisha, Inc. but KiSS doll artist and collector Dov Sherman has refashioned her into a KiSS doll, distributing her to the KiSS community for further appropriation and play. Dov Sherman is also creator of other dolls including the "2Ranmas" doll, a "male and female Ranma in one doll". Dov runs an extensive KiSS doll archive at