X by Glyndon

Download x.lzh[79k]

Glyndon is the author of a number of elegant, finely crafted gothic KiSS doll sets. Glyndon's KiSS dolls often inhabit inbetween gender zones, switching genders as easily as fetish wear as the player flips through the frames of the KiSS sets. The X doll starts off as a woman in frame set zero but aquires a penis in frame set one and looses her breasts in frame set two. X's leather gothic garb is equally flattering no matter what gender the doll happens to be "wearing." The black and white penises delicately bound up in ribbons frame the background to X's queer friendly ambience. Like other instances of gothic fiction and entertainment, these gothic KiSS doll sets celebrate a playful and imaginative eroticism which allows for unions between all genders and gender play between genders.