Joe by Emby Quin

Download joeg2.lzh[36k]

"Here he is, in all his birdsuited glory, the anime character I have been hopelessly crushed out on since childhood. Condor Joe, second in command of the Science Ninja Team, tragic hero, proto-goth boy and general hot number. Keep your Marmalade Boy, your Dark Schneider, your Reinhardt and your Ryoga Hibiki. I have nothing against any of these characters, but in my not very humble at all opinion, Joe Asakura, Condor Joe, is the sexiest male anime character in the universe. This is my most ambitious FrenchKiSS to date, and 99 percent of the bells and whistles are on Screen 0. Take off his bracelet and you'll see what I mean. See you soon!" --Emby Quin in the Joe Read-me file