Godella by Marco

Download godella.lzh[242k]

Like Virtual Nobuko, Godella KiSS doll is playobjet for the "male gaze." Similarly, a disembodied male member appears after some foreplay with hot spots, as if the male player should effortlessly attach himself and slide into the male subject position. Unlike Virtual Nobuko, Godella makes extensive use of sound, repeating a loop of synthetic female moaning. And also more like in a pornographic video than most kiss dolls, white fluid sprays across the screen of Godella. The effect of the "abject" and "unclean" being imported into the usually smoothly delineated surface of a KiSS doll is, well, strange. I am not sure if Godella's arms are being held in a very comfortable position, or what she is thinking in her bubbles, but she does seem to enjoy herself.