Girl Paradox by Asia de Guarde

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" Effectively her [Girl Paradox's] role in existence is to jump backwards, forwards and laterally across time streams and all possible quantum realities, bringing with her uncertainty, destruction, and really wild times... ...I never said she was easy to understand ^_^"--Asia de Guarde in the Girl Paradox Read-me file.

Asia de Guarde is the author of many KiSS dolls created as "self portraits", original characters of her imagination or sometimes anime or computer game characters that she repurposed as her own. She created a KiSS doll set named "Boo Liberty" for one of her RPG characters and KiSS doll version of Lara Croft with a drawing of Asia's own face on the doll. Asia's dolls represent young women as intelligent, capable and alluring. Her dolls merge pop culture icons of femininity with Asia's own frank, sexy, just so self-extensions.