The Return of Leena Felinsky by Yuki Shira a.k.a. Kim Gavlas

Download leena2.lzh[267k]

Leen Felinsky 2, (remake by same artist of the first Leena doll), belongs to a KiSS doll genre called "Furries", cute anthropormorphic female dolls created by primarily female artists. Artist Kim Galvas is the creater of many pretty Furries, (and also of many "Pokemorphs", half poke animal, half-human dolls). A desktop screenshot displaying the artists' KiSS doll creation tools and utilities is the background for the second frame. Kim Gavlas' use of psychedelic digital patterns and bright colors in the Leen Doll sets is glamorous and flashy. Leena is a sexy feline character who is actually more fun to dress up than down in her wildy girly wardrobe. More furries are to be found at: