Patch -- any alteration to an existing game ranging from a fix-it of a simple bug to new graphics, architecture and sounds. Usually in order to view a patch or add-on, an official version of the game must be purchased.(Add-ons will not work with shareware demos of games.)

Wad -- an add-on level for first person shooter "DOOM."

Mod -- an add-on level for first person shooter "Quake."

Shapes -- new graphics files for Mac first person shooter "Marathon"

Skins -- 2-Dimensional avatar graphics to wrap around 3-D characters in Quake

Engine -- the basic code of a game that controls movement, effects, graphics rendering and resolution.

Newbie -- a new, inexperienced player in an online multi-player game.

Frag -- to kill other players in network shooters.

Frag Fest -- an organized contest in a network shooter.

Shooter -- a game genre where primary activities include navigating through 3-D mazelike spaces and eliminating opponents, either NPC or human players

Fighting Game -- a game genre in which two players or one player and one NPC dual each other in an arena.

NPC -- a non player character controlled by artificial intelligence algorithms rather than a human player.

Clan -- an alliance of approximately 6-12 network shooter players who often fight united against other players or clans. Clans usually have their own web sites and trademark skins.