PS2 Diaries,Fullscreen DVD Machinima Video with 5 PS2 games, 11 minutes . Shown in a rocket ride in a Mexico City park with a selection of videos curated by Rene Hayashi. May 2004 (Rocket movements synced to game movements.)

A therapeutic trip down memory lane exploring Schleiner's early years growing up in the claustrophobic small-minded Sims which changed when she met her amazing and big-hearted best friend in 8th grade Maria from inner Vice City...Script Exerpt: "I grew up in the Sims--in small town middle class suburban Americana,   a town in north California called Davis.    Most people were very white and educated.   And they had nice lawns and rode bicycles a lot.   My german grandmother   once saw a tv show in Germany about how Davis was the most perfect town in America."

Download small low quality quicktime 21MB