>>Avatar Sketches


Conceptual Requirements:

In a game design company one of the early phases of game design is when the "artists" cover all available wall space with character sketches. In contrast to the last text based assigment this assignment is visual. You will sketch three avatars that would potentially be characters in a computer game. You can communicate much about each avatar through apperance. Facial expressions, physical attributes, clothing and accessories are all elements of visual language. Also your avatar's pose can convery further information. You may want to ask other members of the class to pose for you or use a program like Poser for manufacturing models to sketch from. Take into consideration the reading from this week, and consider how gender and "monster friendliness" influence your character. Who is your target player for your avatars? Male, female, age, interests, nationality? What game genre do your avatars inhabit? Shooter, Role Playing Game, Strategy, Fighter?

Technical Requirements:

Begin with rough sketches and then refine them by resketching multiple times. (You can look at the storyboard sketches from games linked in the first week for example character sketches.) You should submitt three full body avatar sketches and each avatar should fill an 8 1/2" by 11" page.

Also include a name for each avatar and a one paragraph description of the type of game they inhabit, (most likely all three are from the same game.) It may be helpful in composing the characters to start from the description of the game environment.


You will be evaluated on avatar uniqueness, how well your sketches express your avatars, the diversity of your three avatars, and your sketching and drawing ability.