>>Table Top RPG Character


Conceptual Requirements:

This assignment is an exercise for your imagination in role play. We will begin with the grandmama of all computerized MUD's, (Multi User Dungeons), MOO's (Multi User Object Oriented) and Graphical RPG's (Role Playing Games like Ultima Online and Everquest), the "table top" role playing game Dungeons and Dragons(D&D). Computerized Role Playing games are immensely popular today, offering social environments and communities to players who also derive much satisfaction from playing "imaginary" fantastic characters, often crossing gender and personality boundaries that might inhibit them in RL(Real Life). This assignment requires you to construct an imaginary character who challenges your sense of self. Psychologist Sherry Turkle believes that playing characters in MUD's can be very therapeutic. Cyberculture critic Sandy Stone, herself a real life gender bender, believes that role playing games and online aliases are natural extensions of mulitple selves, the multiple selves and personalities which inhabit us all.

Use a D&D character sheet as a template and review the rules for D&D characters in the Rule Book or the abbrieviated Rule Book. Name your character. In order to create a character you will need to choose a "race" such as elf, human or dwarf as well as a gender for your character. You will also need to fill in your character's skill levels and abilities according to their race and class. For this assignment you are also required to draft a one page description describing your character's appearance, likes, dislikes, personality traits, skills and background. You should build on the traditional characteristics of various D&D races while at the same time embellishing with more personal quirks and traits.

(Discussion question: Do you think D&D fosters racism and sexism by connecting personality traits with biology?)

Technical Requirements:

Submit a character sheet and additional one page character description.*


You will be evaluated on character depth, character roundedness, uniqueness, and individuality. Length should be one page single spaced.

*You will also be asked in class to divide into groups of seven, to select a game master for your group, and to play D&D with your character.