>>Tutorial: How to make a simple Quake II skin

1.Download a premade Quake II skin to use as a template to position your new skin textures. You will find many skin pacs available for download on the Internet. Your skin will consist of a flattened .pcx file like the one below with the various textures that go on legs, face arms and body. There will also be a seperate file which is a small image of the charactar's face that will appear in a window in Quake when you select which charctar you want. (with a _i.pcx file extension.)

Here is an image of skin .pcx file by rorshach.

You can use someone else's skin as a template so you know where to position your own textures. In order to avoid plagerizing the work of the original skin author you should completely replace all the images including the face with your own textures.


How this skin looks wrapped around the 3d model.


2. Download jawMD2 at http://www.jawed.com/jawmd2/ JawMD2 is a very useful freeware program (PC only) that allows you to see how your skin looks on a Quake figure from all angles without having to import the skin into the game. See the web site for instructions.

3. Open up the .pcx file of the skin from Photoshop. (You must open up Photoshop first and then open the file--double clicking on the image will not open it automatically in Photoshop.) Make your own textures or import your own images to position over the skin template.

4. Save your new skin under a new name.

5. In order to ensure that your skin is using the proper Quake II color palette select all of your skin and paste it into the original .pcx file. Resave it under a new name.

6. Open up your new skin in jawMD2 and see how it looks wrapped around the 3-d figure.

7. If you are not satisfied with how it looks yet then open it up in Photoshop again or another digital imaging program and refine it further. When you are satisfied import your skin files (skin.pcx file, skin face i_pcx file and read-me file) into Quake II into the correct model folder(female, male, or cyborg etc.) in the "Players" folder in the "baseq2" folder and go frag happy.