>>Set of Quake skins


Conceptual Requirements:

A skin is a 2-dimensional image wrapped around the 3d figure of a game character. Although a skin does not change the basic shape of the character it can radically alter the look. But many skins are variations on the norm, offering only slight changes in color and attire. In this assignment you are challenged to go against the grain. Approach the assignment as an art piece rather than a game design project. The three skins should be related thematically--not necessarily similar characters but you can think of them as belonging to an "artist series." Your assignment is to create a set of skins which are artistically and conceptually challenging. Your set should call into question the conventions of the shooter game genre and your characters need not "fit" into this world. You can draw upon your artistic background for inspiration, creating skins with an orginal visual and/or conceptual approach.

Technical Requirements:

Create three functional skins in Quake II(see demo), Quake III, or a different game which allows for skins. Create a website where you post these skins as downloadable files along with 3 different screenshots from different angles of each skin in action.


You will be evaluated on uniqueness and originality of approach, technical functionality, and quality of aesthetic execution.