>>Discussion Questions for "Identity in the Age of the Internet" by Sherry Turkle

This article is actually the introduction to a book called Life on the Screen written by Turkle in 1995. In this introductory essay she touches on many of the key themes of her book, including online identity in Muds, gender crossing and multiple, fragmented identities, and differences in philosophy between GUI users and DOS users.

1. What is a MUD?

2. How do people use Windows according to Turkle? Do you agree with her analysis?

3. Do you think people should be held accountable for actions taken by fictitious online characters?

4. How does online socialization differ from offline? Will online socializatin and flirtation replace offline venues? Which online venues fascilate this kind of socialization?

5. How has the Internet changed since Turkle wrote this article?

6. What is the value in assuming fictional identities and genders?