>>Multi-User Project--due last week of classes Thursday June 7


Conceptual Requirements:

Divide into teams of 5 members. Collaboratively within your team generate ideas for a chat space. Distribute the workload and develop the project collaboratively. (An informal proposal is due Thursday in class.) Your challenge is to"sculpt" an online social space for social interaction. Consider the following list of questions in your development process:

Questions to Consider:

Scale of Community: Is this community self-contained or contained within a larger community?

Text vs. Visual Representation: What kind of "space" will this community inhabit? Will there be avatars? What sort of avatars? Should there be a consistent theme (historical, futuristic, ascci art, anime, etc. to this world)?

Gameplay Component: Should there be a game play component of this community? If so what kind of game play or should it be a purely social space?

Artistic Component: What are the artistic aspects of this project?

Target User: Who is this interactive community designed for? Is the community for yourselves or other people like you? Is it for women, men, North Americans, other geographic regions, computer geeks, gamers, non-techies, children, adults, or porn aficionados?

Technological Limitations and Parameters: Are we setting realistic goals considering the time limits of the project and the skill sets contained within the class?

Technical Requirements:

Use Director's multi-user chat functionality. Redo the end of the Director Tutorial to refamiliarize yourself with this and download and read the file on multi-user chat from "Director Help". Your chat space must be functioning chat space.


Your chat space will be evaluated on originality of concept, overall quality of execution, and functionality. In addition, each team will submit a document describing each member's contribution's to the project.