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blurring of art and life

"It was at Black Mountain College that I made what is sometimes said to be the first happening. The audience was seated in four isometric triangular sections, the apexes of which touched a small squareperformance area that they faced and that led through the aisles between them to the large performance area that surrounded them. Disparate activities, dancing by Merce Cunningham, the exhibition of paintings and the playing of a Victrola by Robert Rauschenberg, the reading of his poetry by Charles Olsen or hers by M. C. Richards from the top of a ladder outside the audience, the piano playing of David Tudor, my own reading of a lecture that included silences from the top of another ladder outside the audience, all took place within chance-determined periods of time within the over-all time of my lecture. It was later that summer that I was delighted to find in America's first synagogue in Newport, Rhode Island, that the congregation was seated in the same way, facing itself."

-John Cage http://newalbion.com/artists/cagej/autobiog.html

Allan Kaprow

Andy Warhol and the Factory


Nine Evenings and E.A.T. (Engineers, Artists and Technology)

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Ray Johnson http://www.actlab.utexas.edu/emma/Gallery/galleryjohnsonpix.html


fluxus portal http://www.fluxus.org/

fluxus performance workbook http://www.nutscape.com/fluxus/homepage/fpw_indx.html

fluxus reader http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0471978582/qid%3D915152551/105-9382998-3677503


joseph beuys

vito Acconci http://www.dialnsa.edu/iat97/Documenta/acconci.html

(Feminist) Performance Art and the Body

Carolee Schneemann

Chris Burden http://www.artnode.se/burden/

Suzanne Lacy http://www.sla.purdue.edu/WAAW/Cohn/Artists/Lacystat.html

Judy Malloy The dinner Party http://public.csusm.edu/public/thedinnerparty/index.html

70's Video/Portapack Art

Martha Rosler--Semiotics of the Kitchen video

William Wegman-- videos http://www.wcsu.ctstateu.edu/~mccarney/fva/WWegman_video.html

the performing arts of dance and music...