Game Scripting in Director and Flash San Jose State University  Fall 2002:

A breakdancing contest game featuring dancer Mikey Nyugen.
The player has 10 seconds to make a move that beats the computer's AI controlled combos.
(Mikey Nyugen, Michael Chernobrod, Homer Lin)

Bling Bling, a game that plays beats by catching diamonds rythmically. Plus multiplayer chat.
(Alex Kim, Jef f Kim, Alam Kim, Jeff Partido)

3-D Mazes in Director 8.5 (Andy Muonio, Wells Chan, Cindy Ahuna, Gene Nite)
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Escape from San Jose, Interact with street crazies and try to get da rocks to escape downtown San Jose.
(Matt Haberman, Laurea Decampo, Davia Carter, Matthew Torres)

Game Skins Project UC Irvine California 2001(for QuakeII, Half-life, Counter-Strike): agrupunto) estrada) andaya) lin) wong) clark)

Programming Multimedia British Columbia Fall 2000: (Most of these links are no longer functional--if you are one of students below can you send me an updated link or screenshot?) 3d interactive software sculptures (tanya hsu) mutlimedia art experience (ian buckley) digital landscapes (dominic girard) striated digital instrument (jeff raimondo) self-generating artificial life forms (brian cox) javascript poetry generator (naomi read) beautiful and annoying virus (darren williams)