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1. Ludic Mutation: The Player's Power to Change the Game
> Doctoral Dissertation submitted University of Amsterdam, ASCA (2012) 2. Free Movement in Gamespace
> Visual Essay for Artists Rethinking Games, edited by Furtherafield (2010)

3. Dissolving the Magic Circle of Play: Lessons from Situationist Gaming
    > Chapter in From Diversion to Subversion: Games, Play and Twentieth Century Art edited by David J. Getsy (2010) 4. Game Reconstruction Workshop: Demolishing and Evolving PC Games and Gamer Culture
    > Chapter in Handbook for Computer Game Studies, ed. by Joost Raessens, (M.I.T. Press 2005)

5. Other Beats by Parangara Cutiri aka Anne-Marie Schleiner, Anderen Beats, deutsch
    > Article for Heaven711 Hip Hop Game CD Booklet (Merz and Solitude 2004)

6. E-mail Interview by Pedro Soler  
    > Sonar Online with Spanish translation An interview for the Sonar Festival portal (February 2003)

7. Fluidities and Oppositions among Curators, Filter Feeders, and Future Artists(pdf)
    > for Intelligent Agent Magazine edited by Patrick Lichty and Christiane Paul (January 2003)

8. Das Fliesende und die Gegensaetze (pdf--German)
    > one page manifesto for Jochen Gertz Anthology of Art(August 2002)

9. 2 Reviews: Untitled Game and Ego Image Shooter
    > reviews of Untitled Game by jodi and Ego Image Shooter by Deanna Herst and Marion Strunk (March 2002)

10. Velvet-Strike Manifesto: War Times and Reality Games
    > a statement about the convergence of the U.S. wartime climate and military simulation games(March 2002)

11. Countdown to Collective Insurgence: Cyberfeminism and Hacker Strategies
    > Technics of Cyber<>Feminism book/conference (February 2002)

12. Snow Blossom House
    > digital erotica and Japanese Hentai games for Sonar 2001 and NY Arts Magazine (June 2001).

13. Mutation.fem text from Alien Intelligence Show
    > reprinted in Axis Gender Reader, a non-profit reader for educational purposes (February 2000).

14. Parasitic Interventions: Game Patches and Hacker Art
    > for Mariosophia, a game culture book in Finnish edited by Erkki Huhtamo (August 1999).

15. Opensorcery Database Proposal
    > a network/database to facilitate the open source development of computer game content and code (November 1999).

16. E-mail Interview by Jim McClellan from the Guardian
    > e-mail interview discussing artists and the computer game industry(January 1999).

17. Female Bobs arrive at Dusk
    > for Cyberfeminisms: Next Protocals edited by Old Boys Network (February 1999).

18. Cracking the Maze Curatorial Statement (German translation in net.pict section of depict)
    > call for submissions for the "Cracking the Maze: Game Plug-ins and Patches as Hacker Art" online exhibit (August 1998).

19. Does Lara Croft wear fake polygons?
    > LEONARDO (Vol 34, No. 3, pp. 221-226, 2001--orig. published in Switch Electronic Gender June 1998).
C u r a t e . n e t

1.  Kareoke vs. Post-Pop
     > (August 2007)
2.  Snow Blossom House
     > (June 2001)
3.  Luckykiss_xxx
     > (November 2000)
4.  Mutation.fem
     > (February 2000)
5.  Cracking the Maze
     > (June 1999)
O t h e r 1. Stranger than fiction tale of Corridos game apprehension concludes Border Hacks chapter in Tactical Media by Rita Raley 2. Returning Fire: Interventions in Videogame Culture Documentary by Roger Stahl
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