Install a Spray:

First of all, you need Counter-Strike installed in order to play the game and graffiti your sprays. See below for Counter-Strike Install Instructions.

How to Install and Use a Spray if you already have Counter-Strike 1.6 (with Steam):

  1. Download the spray paint file. (should be in .WAD Format)
  2. Duplicate the file and name the new copy "TEMPDECAL.WAD"
  3. Place it in: c:\program files\steam\steam apps\\counter-strike\cstrike
  4. When you start up Counter-Strike proceed to play as normal but do NOT open your customize menu, (you need to have already chosen a player name), or it will default to the built-in spray logos and ignore your custom logo. Also, if you dont want it to get written over by the default next time you play, make it "read only" in its file properties.
  5. Press the T button inside the game and aim and shoot to place your spray where you wish. (It takes a couple minutes before you can use your spray again.)

*Please see the site for additional useful instructions and nice sprays.

How to get Counter-Strike:

  1. Counter-Strike is actually a mod for a game called Half-life. Your must first purchase and install Half-life. (PC/Linux only + pref. fast web connection)
  2. Download the latest free version of Counter-Strike/Steam(Steam is an automatic updating system)--at time of this writing Version 1.6. (You must dig deep on the list of links at the official Counter-Strike site.)
  3. If downloading the free version is too much bother you can purchase the Counter-Strike Mod licensed by Valve Software.