Intervention Recipes:

The following are instructions for how to intervene in Counter-Strike and some other online shooters with the intent to disrupt gameplay as usual with performative art actions. Please send us your own intervention recipes.

Recipe for Salvation by Graphical User Intervention(GUI):

  1. Enter a Counter-Strike Server with a hostage scenario as a member of the Terrorist Team.
  2. Rescue the Hostages you are supposed to be guarding.

Recipe for Crashing by Brody(aka sylo):

  1. Join a vehicle heavy Tribes2 server.
  2. Create and pilot a transport ship.
  3. Gather friendly warriors in the transport pretending that you will soon fly to the enemy base.
  4. When everyone is in, fly away from the enemy base, into the endless beautiful landscape.
  5. Convince your passengers that this is a shortcut, or you are taking them on a nice tour, to calm them down.
  6. Fly as far as possible.
  7. Upon landing(or crashing), your passengers will be so far from the battle they must commit a mass suicide (ctrl-k) to return to the fighting.

Recipe for Martyrdom by John Brennan(aka BigJB):

  1. You and several friends join a busy Counter-Strike server.
  2. During the battle, tell everyone you are martyrs for peace, then jump off the tallest structure in the level, killing yourselves.

Recipe for Friendship by A.M.S.

  1. Find a Counter-Strike server with 0 or 1 other player on line.(If you go to an empty one most likely someone will show up to see who you are.)
  2. Shoot a few times at your enemy.
  3. Tell them you are newbie and ask them to show you how to plant the bomb.
  4. Ask them which country they are from.
  5. Ask them all about themeselves.
  6. Arrange to meet another time.

Recipe for Heart Stand-in by A.M.S.

  1. Ask the members of your Counter-Strike team, (must be at least 14), Counter-Terrorist or Terrorist, to stand in a large, low, flat open area in the game that can be viewed from above.
  2. Arrange everyone to stand in the shape of a heart. Do not move or return fire.
  3. On all player chat send out the message repeatedly: "Love and Peace"
  4. Retain position stoicly.